Friday, December 18, 2009

I Won Yay yay yay

Hi everyone in blogland well it has happerned to me i won something special. The lovely Robyn over at Daisy Quilts had a Christmas Giveaway and there were 3 prizes. I love to read Robyn's blog and entered the giveaway and was doing my usual blog hop when i get a chance and reading and there was Rells Place as one of the winners and prize no 2 i was so excited that my family came running again to see what was wrong with me. Also it was my 22nd wedding anniversary when Robyn announce it on her Blog so woopeeee for me. Thank you Robyn the prize is just wonderful and i can not wait to make up one of the bags from the pattern.

Robyn my wonderful parcel arrived and the wonderful Hand made Ornament is hanging on the Christmas Tree.
Big hugs to everyone.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well i have joined some wonderful swaps for the end of this year and now here they are. The first swap was a quick swap held by Jenny and Vicki it was a "Very Quick Christmas Fabric, Buttons and Trim" Swap! my partner was Robin in New Jersey (no Blog).
Here is what i sent Robin and the wonderful gifts that she sent me this was Robin's first swap. Thank you Robin, for being my partner this swap was so much fun and i hope that it is done again next year.

The next swap for this month was held by Robyn and Clare and it was an ornament swap. Thank both of you ladies the fun I had making something to go to someone and getting a new friend. My partner was Sandi and here is what she sent me and i just love angels, and look at the beautiful card and goodies and they did not last long in this house Thank you Sandi.And this is the ornament that i sent Sandi.

Well i will be back tomorrow as i do have more news for you all until then.
Big hugs

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Get on over and see Lucky

Hi blogger just quickly i no that i have not been here for awhile and i have so much to share with you all but have been extremely busy here on the station. But i had to let you no that you have to be quick and go over and see Lucky. She is having a give away as she is celebrating her Sewing Birthday. I have watched with joy at haw she bought her first sewing machine and started sewing and the wonderful things that she has made. When i started blogging she was there with lovely comments and is one of my followers i never thought that i would have followers. I love reading her blog and get the enjoyment of seeing a lovely lady learning to sew. So get on over and have a look back at the wonderful work that she has done.

I will be back tomorrow with a long post as i have finished my knitting and have gotten some wonderful swap things in the mail and now have my camera working again so i can post about the wonderful things that i have recieved from Robin in New Jersey (No blog yet but i am working on her) a wonderful material swap and Sandi a lovely christmas ornament. Sorry that i have not got the time now but i promis will be back tomorrow with pictures aswell.

Bye for now

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Material Shopping

Well i can not believe that it has been so long since my last post what a slacker i am. But i have been busy as it is getting hot here and with no rain well only a little we are out checking the dams as they are low and the cattle get bogged easily. Lick (cattle feed) to be put out and fences to check.

But i have had some fun i went Christmas Material shopping and got some wonderful pieces.

I have a Christmas Fabric, Button and Trim swap that i joined through Jenny and an ornament swap with Robyn and Clare. Thank you to those ladies these swaps are just great. So i have had a lovely time seeing what i will send and make for my swap partners. Well must get back to my knitting hope to have what i have been doing to show you durning the week. I will give you a clue it has something to do with Christmas as i just love love Christmas.

Till next time
Big Hugs and Happy Sewing

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally my Stash

Well girls you have been waiting for a week for me to show you my stash. Well first we had to get a mat, cutting wheel and other bits and pieces so that we could get started. Oh i forgot to put in my new ruler. Well i do have one of those just forgot to put it into the photo.

Then well we need some materials. Off to Spotlight we go and a sale we found, I no that it may look like a lot but living out here i can not just pop down to the shops as it is a 3 to 4 hour drive. So what do you think! i think that i can do something now.
Then after getting all of that material at Spotlight the lovely ladies told me about a wonderful shop just down the street so i just had to have a look and what did i find. Some lovely bright materials and on the way home up on the tablelands found another wonderful little shop and just had to have some of the bright materials from there also. So now i can now sit and sort out something small to start out with.Well if any of you have any suggestion's for me to start with please let me no as i am ready to start. Well that is it for me we are mustering tomorrow and over the weekend so i will be back on Monday to do my Blog hopping and read what you have all been up to. So have a great weekend and see you all next week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap

Hi girls,
Just a quick post get on over to Daisy Quilts and join Robyn and Clare and join in the Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap. We will all have some fun and won't our christmas Tree's look great with Handmade Ornaments hanging on them. Also I like the fact that I am going into my 2nd swap and am going to have another swap friend to add to the wonderful swap friend Joy that I have.
I just Love Christmas
Promise to have photo's of my shopping stach for you this week. Things have been hectic here we had to move cattle to another paddock so that is why i have not been back see you all this week have a wonderful Sunday.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Been over a week!

Hi girls, well it has been over a week since i have blogged and blog hopping. And so much can change in blogland in a week it surprises me.

1st to go to my site and to be so excited that i have 3 wonderful ladies as followers. I was so excited that DH came running to see what all the yeeeeharrrrsss were all about so thank you to Lucky 1 and Hazel and another Narelle you made my day. I am still having to answer my comments that are left but a big thank you to everyone that has left me a comment i have read them all.

2nd have been to town for 2 days and was able to buy my first materials to have what you all say is your stash and boy did i add to mine but living out here i can not go down to the shops. I was so lucky to have purchased the newspaper for DH before i went into spotlight and what fun i had in there will show pictures of my great finds tomorrow.

Well enough of my ramblings will see you all tomorrow with pictures of my shopping trip untill then have a great night.

Monday, October 5, 2009

MAIL !!!!!

Hi everyone I am so excited and have been all weekend. I got Mail. Where i live we only get mail once a week on Friday and there was a parcel for ME. It was from my Mug Hug partner Joy and it is just so beautiful. Here have a look.
Isn't it just the most beautiful Mug Hug and mat. Thank you Joy so very much. My family said that i was like a kid at Christmas time and all weekend when a cuppa was made for me they all said, "do we put the thing around the cup" and I had to remind them what it was as you no MEN just don't get it.

Many thanks to Jenny and Tozz for organising the swap, also as this was my first stitchery and swap and i had a great time making my Mug Hug and mat and to recieve a parcel does make you feel so wonderful. Thank you all the ladies out there in Blogland this lady is on a high. Will close for now hope everyone has a great day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm Here

Well after reading all the wonderful Blogs i just had to start one of my own. There is alot of firsts for September i joined in my first stitching swap a Hug Swap, did my first stitching and now started a Blog. Thanks to Jenny at Elefantz she had enspired me back into sewing and now stitching I thank her greatly. I am hoping that this will be the first in a lot of postings. I also hope that i will have some photo's of what i am doing up soon. So please be kind to me as i no you all are.

Have a great day