Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally my Stash

Well girls you have been waiting for a week for me to show you my stash. Well first we had to get a mat, cutting wheel and other bits and pieces so that we could get started. Oh i forgot to put in my new ruler. Well i do have one of those just forgot to put it into the photo.

Then well we need some materials. Off to Spotlight we go and a sale we found, I no that it may look like a lot but living out here i can not just pop down to the shops as it is a 3 to 4 hour drive. So what do you think! i think that i can do something now.
Then after getting all of that material at Spotlight the lovely ladies told me about a wonderful shop just down the street so i just had to have a look and what did i find. Some lovely bright materials and on the way home up on the tablelands found another wonderful little shop and just had to have some of the bright materials from there also. So now i can now sit and sort out something small to start out with.Well if any of you have any suggestion's for me to start with please let me no as i am ready to start. Well that is it for me we are mustering tomorrow and over the weekend so i will be back on Monday to do my Blog hopping and read what you have all been up to. So have a great weekend and see you all next week.


Wendy B said...

Wow Narelle, you have been busy stocking up!!!! My suggestion is to start with a sewing machine mat....Jenny from Elefantz has the pattern on her blog and they only take an hour to make!...(I made another one last night as a gift!)
Good luck with the mustering.
Sugary hugs XXX 'o) Wendy B

Stephanie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's fun to meet new people that way. Wow you have quite a haul to keep you busy. Welcome to blog land.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Hi Narelle! I am your swap partner for the Christmas swap over at Jenny's. I don't have a blog, but I may be starting one soon, just to showcase my creative side. :) Looking forward to getting to know you!

Sandi said...

Wow! You have collected a wonderful stash there, no trouble now getting started.