Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Been over a week!

Hi girls, well it has been over a week since i have blogged and blog hopping. And so much can change in blogland in a week it surprises me.

1st to go to my site and to be so excited that i have 3 wonderful ladies as followers. I was so excited that DH came running to see what all the yeeeeharrrrsss were all about so thank you to Lucky 1 and Hazel and another Narelle you made my day. I am still having to answer my comments that are left but a big thank you to everyone that has left me a comment i have read them all.

2nd have been to town for 2 days and was able to buy my first materials to have what you all say is your stash and boy did i add to mine but living out here i can not go down to the shops. I was so lucky to have purchased the newspaper for DH before i went into spotlight and what fun i had in there will show pictures of my great finds tomorrow.

Well enough of my ramblings will see you all tomorrow with pictures of my shopping trip untill then have a great night.


Joy said...

Oooh I love piccies from shopping trips - especially stash building shopping trips!!
Joy :o)

Hazel said...

Can't wait to see you photo's .My turn is Saturday ,hubby doesn't know what he is in for LOL .

Kerry said...

Hi Narelle,
My buddy Narelle sent me over for a visit. Welcome to blogland! I just know you will love the crafts interaction.