Saturday, December 31, 2011

Advent and SSCS gifts.

Well it is the last day of 2011 so this post is going to be a long one. First of all i hope that you all have had a Merry Christmas and that tonight you all celebrate in a Happy New Year.

I have had the best ever December as i joined in Chookyblue SSCS for the first time. Many thanks Chookyblue for including me in this swap and for all the work that you do behind the scene making sure we have addresses and have sent and received our special parcels. I have had such a great time getting my secret person to make for and sending off the parcel and waiting for it to arrive and then getting my parcel and opening it on Christmas Day with all my family watching to see just what Mum received. I now have another Blogger friend to add to my growing list of crafty family. My new Blogger friend is Nemo and look at the beautiful things that she sent to me that were in the parcels that i showed you in my last post.
Exercise girls turn your head to the left, now you can see the beautiful wall hanging and little extra's that i got.
This is what i sent to Nemo and she loved it and is already using the organizer.
Then i also this year joined in the Advent swap on the forum that i am with and i had to send to Helen and Sandy sent to me here are the gifts that i sent and received.

This is what Sandy sent to me Day 6 to Day 10. Just look at my new Mug Rug and Mug Hug and the tea is just wonderful settled my upset Tummy that i had just before Christmas.
This is what i sent to Helen Day 6 to Day 10.
This is what Sandy sent to me Day 11 to Day 15. The Candles really gave the Christmas sent to the house, the shortbread did not last long and the bracelet was worn on Christmas Day.
Here is what i sent to Helen Day 11 to Day 15. Helen loves vintage buttons so i sent here a bag full that i had found in my travels. And she loved the knitted Christmas tree that i did for her.
Here is what Sandy sent to me Day 16 to Day 20. Now get a look at the beautiful organizer ribbon down the front of the beautiful journal cover and the photo frame with the beautiful saying Families are forever. I am going to put a photo of my 3 children in that when i can get them all together. ha ha.
Gifts that i sent to Helen Day 16 to 20. I tried to send at least 1 homemade item in every 5 and in a colour theme as you can see here soft pink for a lovely lady. I love crocheting and knitting these coathangers while watching TV.
Gifts from Sandy Day 21 to Day 24. Get a look at that pattern for the aprons i will be making one or two of these it is just lovely and the key or scissors charm i just love it so much. I felt like one special lady each day i opened up my Advent.
Gifts that i sent to Helen Day 21 to Day 24. As you can see the Hand towel matches the washer and coat hanger that i sent to Helen.
Now Drum roll here is the BIG ones Day 25. Here is the beautiful Cushion that Sandy did for me and it is now sitting on my chair in the lounge room where i sit and craft at night. I am very lucky.
And here is the Runner that i made for the Day 25 the BIG one for Helen. This is the first runner that i have ever made and i had so much fun and the instructions were so great to follow for it the pattern is one of Samelia's Mum. I will be making lots of these through out the year.
Back of Runner.Well there you have it my special Christmas gifts that i sent and received only one more thing to say to you all.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SSCS Parcel Arrived and Advent Swap

Morning Girls, Well where did my November go. This year has been so busy that it has just flown past us all i think.

Well this year i joined in Chookyblue SSCS for the first time. Chookyblue does the most amazing job with this swap to a big Thank you goes out to her. I have loved every minute of going onto my Secret partners Blog and deciding what to make her. Wrapping and sending off the parcel along with an ornament and checking to see it it reached its destination and then storking my mailman waiting for a parcel to see who my Secret Santa is.

Well the wait is over on both sides i went on to my partners blog and see that she has received my parcel hooooo so glad that it got there and this morning in my mail was a parcel from my Secret Partner Nemo and Nemo was who i sent to.

Here is the lovely ornaments that i received and parcels to go under the tree until 25th.
And here is the ornament that i sent to Nemo i forgot to take a photo of the gift all wrapped up.
Also this year another first i joined in the Advent swap on the forum and Sandy is sending to me here is the parcels that arrived.Here is the lovely gifts that i have received from day 1 to day 5. First was the chocolate as Sandy said lets start Dec off just right. Day 2 was a Tilda's Christmas ideas Book. Day 3 just beautiful Peach Rhubarb and Hibiscus had cream i wish we had smell a computer so that you could all smell this it is divine. Day 4 Christmas FQ with red and Green stein of thread. Day 5 Shopping list.I sent to Helen in the Advent Swap and had a ball getting the gifts together to send to her here is a photo of what i sent for Day 1 to Day 5.
Well i had better go and do some housework today as we have had some lovely rain and i don't have to go out in the paddock today. So housework is what is happening here today. I also hope to get the house decorated after i get rid of the dust and get my Christmas Card as well so i had better get into it.

Hope that you all have a great day.