Saturday, April 26, 2014

Been a long time

Hi everyone well another 12 months has gone by and i have not blogged. Have been busy even though i have not told you about it. We have had little rain over the last 12 months and lots happening on the property.
As you can see in my new header i have been sewing and have just loved it. Here are a few things that i have been up to. Went on my first trip to Melbourne to meet up with the Let's Get Stitched girls and had a ball.
Do you all realize how hard it is to get a large group of ladies all together for this beautiful photo well let me show you. As i no how to round up cattle i stepped in and got things organized.
 Then i wondered why they were laughing mmm Look what i found. Miss Jenny you would not believe how beautiful this lady is. So much fun.
 Well finally when every one was looking i jumped in.
 Here are our beautiful Designers this year Vicki, Fee, Dawn and Joy. Also this year we had 2 guest designers Vikki Collumbine and our very own Marilyn duncan. And 1 surprise Designer was Rosalie Quinlin. I nearly fell off my chair as i never thought that i would meet Rosalie.

And then a photo of the girls that i am on the Forum with was lovely to meet them and put names to faces.

Well there is a start to the beautiful time I had with these ladies and when i get my photo's in some order will be back to tell you more about it and see some of the things that i learnt while away.

Have a great weekend.