Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Get on over and see Lucky

Hi blogger just quickly i no that i have not been here for awhile and i have so much to share with you all but have been extremely busy here on the station. But i had to let you no that you have to be quick and go over and see Lucky. She is having a give away as she is celebrating her Sewing Birthday. I have watched with joy at haw she bought her first sewing machine and started sewing and the wonderful things that she has made. When i started blogging she was there with lovely comments and is one of my followers i never thought that i would have followers. I love reading her blog and get the enjoyment of seeing a lovely lady learning to sew. So get on over and have a look back at the wonderful work that she has done.

I will be back tomorrow with a long post as i have finished my knitting and have gotten some wonderful swap things in the mail and now have my camera working again so i can post about the wonderful things that i have recieved from Robin in New Jersey (No blog yet but i am working on her) a wonderful material swap and Sandi a lovely christmas ornament. Sorry that i have not got the time now but i promis will be back tomorrow with pictures aswell.

Bye for now

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