Monday, May 12, 2014

Friends, Food and Shopping in Melbourne

Well girls this is an over view of what FUN FUN i had this year at the LGS in Melbourne. As some of you may no i live in the Bush so for a country hick i had a ball in Melbourne. When it came to shopping well i was like a kid in a candy store. Here are some of the shopping photo's as you can see i have fun. 

After the fabric shores we went to spotlight.

Teresa was in charge on the Saturday for showing a group of us around Melbourne.First we went on a tram and i loved it never been on a tram before. Then to L'uccello it is go beautiful a must the girls there are so lovely and helpful some of our little group went back twice.
             Then we saw some of the sites and walked over the Yarra river never thought that i would see that. Melbourne is just so beautiful will have to talk Hubby into going but i think that i will take Teresa with us as she noes Melbourne. What a wonderful day we had Thank you so much Teresa.          
My first time on a bus and i went in a tunnel and a freeway there were lots of firsts for me.
Teresa just a beautiful person. Love Ya

We had to go and find these two in a pet shop nursing Rabbits.
And then these two were seen coming out of Dan's well a woman has to have her supplies. hahaha

Friends what would we do without wonderful people that we just meet and seem to have known them for years. Here are a couple of photo of some of the beautiful people that were are this years LGS.

See we don't have double chins and Miss Joy does not have bubs either but Chris and i make up for her. Love Ya Miss Joy.

Last year in Adelaide i went into a woolworths so this year in Melbourne i had to go into a woolies..

Teresa and my last night together in Melbourne we had Fish and Chips with our favorite drink Pear cidar.

Well there you go had  another wonderful year with the LGS girls they are like family. I miss them all and can not wait for 2015 in Brissy.
Rell xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Rell it was so much fun i had a ball and you kept us laughing the whole time.
I agree Teresa did an awesome job with showing us around Melb,i for one certainly have never seen Melb like that before,what a wonderful time we had,and Teresa is one of the loviest people i have ever met.
I cannot wait to catch up with you again in Brisbane,i am bring Cheryll with me this time.
It was so wonderful to meet you in person Rell,you are one of the nicest funniest people i have had the pleasure to know,till next time buddy.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

What awesome photos...looks like you all had a ball......LOL

Marilyn said...

Rell, it was so lovely to revisit Melbourne through these photos. We do have the best time when we get together and I cant wait to do it again in Brisbane. So looking forward to catching up with everyone.