Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Rells Place

Morning Ladies, What a wonderful hot day here today in FNQ. We even had a shower of rain at 10:30pm last night but shhhhh don't want to scare any more away. We need some rain right now it would be lovely and i just love the smell mmmm.

Well while blog hopping was over at Dawn's and she is asking how we came up with the names for our blogs. My Blog Rells Place is easy. My name is Narelle but all friends and family call me Rell and this blog is my little place in blogland so there comes the name Rells Place. It is where i can come and share what i have been up to which i have to blog more about. And i do so enjoy seeing all the wonderful comments from friends that i have made in Blogland. So have a think and go and see Dawn as she is having a little competition as well. Thanks Dawn for doing this i have been blog hopping all morning to blogs that i have not been to before and love reading how they all came to get there name.

Well hope everyone has a great day talk soon.



Shirlwin said...

This 'how did your blog name come about' is fascinating! We have had a lot of spring rain, welcome much of the time, but I am thinking the wheat farmers will be wanting a little sunshine as well.

Jeanneke said...

You've got a new follower! Thanks for sharing your story.
Find out about my naming story here:


Chookyblue...... said...

hope you get some more rain........I always LOVE the smell of's fun seeing where names come from.........

Janet said...

Hi Rell, nice to see you again. A nice simple way to name your blog, but original too.