Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hi Girls, Well i don't get to go into Spotlight as i live far out in the beautiful bush. But this year as DS in Y10 has to go down to the school 4 times a year to do his exams i go to Spotlight while he is doing his exam. Well this post is only 6 weeks late but thought that you would like to see what i purchased on last visit. I am now saving up for the end of this term when i can have another Spotlight visit.

First there was the packs of fabric.
Then there was the Spot's.
Could not leave the Roses behind.

Then some others that Jumped up into the basket.
Then when i got to the counter these Flowery FQ were there.
And they all came home in this with the VIP Free Magazine.
Well all have been put away and bag back in the car awaiting my next Spotlight visit. Hope that you all have a great weekend i am off to do the ironing and watch Landline.



Narelle said...

Either your Spotlight is nicer than mine or I have to open my eyes more when I visit.
Gorgeous fabrics!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Gorgeous fabrics, Rell! I haven't seen any FQ's as nice as those in my local store either!
You have done very well! :)

Shirlwin said...

It is a truly strange phenonomen how fabric [and other stuff] at Spotlight jumps into one's trolley or basket! You have some lovely fabric to be going on with ... until your next visit.

Karen's Korner said...

Lovely indeed. That will keep you going until your next visit.

Stitchin' time said...

Adore the spots and swirls and I'm sure I've never seen such inviting fabrics at my Spottie. Mind you, if it was tidied up a bit I might be able to find them!
Lol, I suppose you are already anticipating DS Year 12 exams, he he?

Gloria said...

Love all that fabric Rell.
Now on to making things with it all.

Jodie said...

nice goodies, shopping can be so much fun