Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Already!!!

Well can not believe that it is March already. What a start to the year Queensland has had and we here were in the thick of it with Cyclone Yasi. So no power for 9 days and telephones there one minute and gone the next. So the month of February will be one to remember but passed in what we all seemed to be in a daze.We went through the eye of it here and have not got a fence left standing. Well now we have it is week 5 now and finally the boundary is nearly all up then we will start with the internal fences.Then the cattle yards needs lots of work done then we can go out and try to find some cattle. But the good lord looked down on us and we are all safe and the house was spared so we have alot to be thankful off.I would like to thank the Blogging family out there that sent emails to check on how we all were. Thank you for caring it made me feel good to no that i have great crafty friends out there in Blog Land.

On a happier note i have joined Cathy in a Fat Quarter Swap and our first swap is this month. I do the FQ Swap over at the Craft Forum and enjoy them alot and have made a lot of craft friends. So i no that i am going to enjoy this one as i say you can not have too much fabric in the cupboard. So if you are interested hope on over to the Fat Quarter Swap and join us i no you will have a great time.Well that is me for the moment hope that everyone has a great weekend and the ladies down in Brisbane having a cuppa and a great laugh with the Gum Tree Designers. I hope that you have a great time i wish that i was there with you all it would be just great.

Happy weekend everyone,

Crafty Hugs


Chookyblue...... said...

goodluck with the fencing..........glad you survive safe in the home.........

Cathy said...

glad to hear you are safe ;-)
thanks for promoting the FQ swap too ;-)