Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hi everybody, long time me no blog sorry about that. Well on the weekend we got the computer all hooked up and internet going and i was checking emails and what a wonderful surprise i recieved from a fellow Queenslander afrom the wonderful Narelle over at Nell's Notions so a big big thank you goes to her as i love reading her blog. Also as part of the award i am to pass it on to 7 other wonderful blogs. There are so many that i blog hop to that are so wonderful that it has been a hard decision and alot have recieved the award as well. So here goes and i am going to bend the rules little bit as i don't want to force this award upon any bloggers. Just think of it as me telling all the lovely bloggers that visit me here about your blog.
Lucky - Stitch Selection
Debs - Sewdeb
Jodie - Paradise
Little Gem - Little Gem's World
Lisa - Lydia's treasures
Barb - Barbscreations
Sandi - Embroideroo

These Ladies are just some of the wonderful blogs that i visit when i have time and a cuppa in my hand.
Also i have to tell you 7 things about myself that you might find interesting.
1. I can not eat seafood only fish.
2. I taught my 3 kids on Distance Education for 14 years and loved it.
3. I start my day with a cuppa in bed that my husband has made every morning when he is home.
4. You will find me in the kitchen at party's i feel at home in the kitchen. HA HA HA
5. I am going to make my first quilt this year.
6. I just love romance DVD's and Books.
7. I am so greatful that i found blogging and now have some very good friends on the internet.

Well i thought that telling 7 things about myself was going to be easy it is not.

I hope that you enjoy hopping over to all thsese lovely ladies and having a look at there beautiful blogs. Have a great day and i will be back soon. Hmmmmm i said that last month let's hope that it does not take me a month to return.

Big Hugs

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Wendy B said...

Time does go so quickly doesn't it?? So hard to keep up with everything! Congrats on your award....keep on blogging......and quilting!!!
sugary hugs
Wendy :O) XX